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Frequently Asked Questions

Footage filtering and features

Multiple selection logic

The filtered search uses ’AND’-logic, so the search result will include all chosen attributes. Clips can contain several attributes from the same category, for instance footage filmed in the shift of a season.

Collections / Multiple clip licensing

To build a collection of your chosen clips, use the “Add to Wishlist” button on the shop or respective clip page. You can find your custom wishlist in the menu:

Wishlists can also be used to license multiple clips. Please use the enquiry form in the wishlist page or email your wishlist URL directly to [email protected] for pricing.

Wishlists can be edited by the user, but a shared wishlist link cannot be edited.


Which types of licenses are available?

All the clips are available for licensing as Rights-Managed, Royalty Free and Exclusive licensing.

  • Rights-Managed allows the clip to be used in project. Use in a different project will require a new license.
  • Royalty Free allows multiple uses. This will result in a higher license fee.
  • On Exclusive Rights the clip is exclusively licensed only to be used by the client. This will result in a higher license fee.
How does license pricing work?

Licensing transactions are handled as individual cases. Pricing will be determined by end client type, distribution medium(s), license term and type of license.

  • End Client type: Commercial, Educational, Non-profit or other type
  • Distribution Medium: Web/Digital, external (exhibition, event etc.), On-Demand, TV, Film, or other distribution
  • License Term: 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, perpetual or a custom term
  • License Type: Rights Managed (1 use), Royalty Free (multiple uses), Exclusive Rights (the clip is exclusively licensed only to be used by the client)
Clip delivery, license agreements and payment methods

This site is only meant to be used for browsing footage. Pricing, license agreements, delivery options and the payment method will be discussed via email.


Available file formats and resolutions

All the video and aerial footage are mastered to ProRes and DNxHR/DNxHD formats. Timelapse footage is mastered to ProRes and Cineform. Generally all the footage is available in +4K resolution, except for a few Full-HD video and timelapse clips. You’re most welcome to contact me about custom formats and resolutions.

Where I can download a clip preview and how can it be used?

The clips on the site come with a 1920×1080 H.264 proxy file, which can be downloaded from the “download proxy” button on the respective clip page. These proxy files can only be used in sample editing and pitching the video.

Can I have the footage ungraded?

As a filmmaker I understand the editing needs for ungraded material and I’ll be happy to deliver your timelapses as RAW-files and video/aerial footage ungraded. Generally all the footage on the website is lightly graded for demonstration purposes.

Can you help me find the right clips for my project?

Of course! Please contact me at [email protected] and describe your project to some extent. With years of experience in dealing with my material, I’ll surely know what to look for.

Can you film custom clip for us?

Most definitely! I work as a one-man band, so you can expect straightforward and personal communication, full dedication to your project and a responsive, flexible workflow. I’m able to travel all over Finland. Please contact me for more details.